Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Charlie...The Doctor of Distraction

                                                                        Mathew Fox - The face of Charlie

Meet Charlie...a handsome and charming sports doctor, and all around good guy. Charlie becomes the perfect distraction for Finding Forever's heroine, Katie Kaufmann, as she recovers from her recent break-up and the adjustments to life back in Texas.

When I wrote the scenes with Charlie, Matthew Fox was the man who came to mind. Maybe it was his role as a doctor on one of my favorite all-time TV shows, "LOST," or maybe it was his brotherly vibe on "Party of Five?" Whatever the case, there was no one else I could picture in the role of Charlie. Matthew was my man.

As for the character of Charlie, I wanted him to be likable - extremely likeable. I guess you could say that I succeeded since several of my readers have complained that he wasn't Katie's final choice in the end! However, it was never my intention for Charlie to be "the one." Rather, my purpose was for him to be the catalyst to rebuild Katie's confidence and help heal her bruised heart. Ultimately, I wanted Charlie to be a distraction...a rebound, so to speak, but nevertheless a good and decent man.

Stay tuned for a Finding Forever excerpt featuring my favorite distraction... Dr. Charlie Warren.

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